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France : Fontenay wins its seventh consecutive Masters title

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Published on 30th January 2023

The French Masters Championship 2023 was held from 28 to 29 January at the Loue aquatic centre in Montluçon. As last year, Fontenay keeps its champion’s title.

Let’s take the same ones and repeat ! Despite the absence of Stéphane Royer, Fontenay retained their place by beating their eternal rivals from Pontoise 3-2 in the final. The CSMB won their eighth Masters title, the seventh in a row, which allows the club to add the 45th trophy in its history. Saintes/Royan finished third ahead of Franconville, with a similar scenario to last year when the Saintais (without Royan) had already won in sudden death against this same team.

The final ranking :

1- Fontenay

2- Pontoise

3- Saintes/Royan

4- Franconville

5- Garges/Ermont

6- East of France

7- Lyon

8- Pessac

9- HOPE / Diderot XII

10- La Rochelle

1 Comment

1 Comment

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