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French Open League – Stage 3 – Clermont-Ferrand : The live programme with commentary

Published on 28 january 2022

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From 8:30 am and live from the Pierre de Coubertin nautical stadium, find the UWH News team on Youtube and on the facebook account of More-Sport Uwh to make you live the most beautiful matches of this first day of the 3rd stage of the French Open League in Clermont-Ferrand.

8h30CLa Rochelle F / Fon’n’co
8h48APessac / Dinan
9h06BOccitan Warriors / La Rochelle G
9h21AMoirans G / Saintes
9h39BLe Puy / Neuilly
9h54CLa Gaule / Le Puy 2 Thonon
10h12AFontenay / Saintes
10h30BOccitan Warriors / France Élite
10h45CU24F / Moirans F
11h03BLa Rochelle G / Clamart
11h18A ou CNeuilly F / Font’n’co ou Saintes/Franconville
11h36CMoirans F / Le Puy 2 Thonon
11h54BFrance Élite / La Rochelle G
12h09AFontenay / Pessac
12h27BClamart / Neuilly ou Lyonsots / Clermont
12h42AMoirans G / Dinan
13h00APessac / Franconville
13h18BOccitan Warriors / Clermont
13h33Challenges 1v1
13h55CLa Rochelle F / Le Puy 2 Thonon
14h13BLa Rochelle G / Neuilly
14h28A ou CU24F / Neuilly F ou Pessac / Saintes
14h46AFontenay / Dinan
15h04BFrance Élite / Le Puy
15h19AFranconville / Sedan
15h37BOccitan Warriors / Clamart
15h52AFontenay / Moirans G
16h10CNeuilly F / Le Puy 2 Thonon
16h28BLe Puy / Clermont
16h46Challenge 1v1
17h05ADinan / Franconville
17h23BLyonsots / La Rochelle G
17h38APessac / Sedan
17h56A ou CMoirans F / Font’n’co ou Moirans / Franconville
18h14BLa Rochelle G / Clermont
18h29ASaintes / Dinan
18h47BFrance Élite / Neuilly

All other matches in pools A, B and C will be available via three different channels on YouTube and the matches commented by our journalists and consultants on our main channel.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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