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UWH is really coming back in 2022 ?

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The CMAS UWH commission has announced today the conclusions of a meeting held on July 31, 2021 between the members of the federation… The main subject was the situation of the different countries facing the COVID-19 and especially the possibility or not to organize a category B event in 2022.

This competition, which should take place in Turkey (July 15, 2022 – July 24, 2022), had already been discussed at a previous meeting. Remember, CMAS had proposed the organisation of a super competition that would bring together all age categories. For the time, the Turkish federation has confirmed that it would be able to organize this event for all age categories. A courageous initiative by Turkey that must be saluted.

Indeed, some non-European federations have expressed doubts about their participation in this competition, claiming possible travel restrictions. It seems appropriate to remind these nations that Turkey is not part of the Schengen area and that its proximity to the old continent does not imply any common policies regarding travel restrictions. On the other hand, it is quite normal for these nations to remain on the alert as to whether or not their countries of origin will allow them to travel to Turkey.

Finally, the federations present have indicated which teams would be registered if the conditions are met to participate in this international competition. Moreover, the CMAS expects that the ultimate condition to participate in this event will be a vaccination of all the participants and especially a proof of vaccination. A logical request from CMAS, but be careful not to replace the local authorities and to judge on a case by case basis. Indeed, for some reasons, vaccination is impossible for some people, it is difficult to imagine the International Federation preventing the participation of an athlete or a coach if he is not able to be vaccinated. A required vaccination which would may help to not have to test every day the event participants…

A situation that will cause a lot of headaches to our instances, which have announced meetings every quarter. The next one will take place towards the end of October 2021.

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1 Comment

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