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D-1 with Heine Engelbrecht : ” A young age world cup in 2022…”

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South Africa is one of the biggest nations of underwater hockey! Many clubs, a millimetre-sized organization and national teams among the best in the world of underwater hockey. With about 30 clubs and hockey sections in some of the country’s high schools, hockey is not taken lightly in the rainbow nation.

Saturday’s decision will inevitably have consequences on South African underwater hockey. To try to understand what is at stake in the vote, Heine Engelbrecht, president of the South African underwater hockey federation, was asked to give us his point of view and his solutions for the future of hockey ! Regarding new cycles for international competitions, President Engelbrecht would like a 4-year cycle. In other terms, the Elite / Master World Cup every 4 years with the Youth World Cup every two years. In order to take part in the World Cup, zone qualifications would be required while the World Cup would not require a qualification.

The zones, precisely, for the highest representative of South African hockey, South Africa must be mixed in the Euro zone, to allow African and European hockey to progress. A remark supported by the fact that Africa and Europe are in the same time zone. Finally, as for the next competition dates, the rainbow nation would like a youth World Cup in 2022 as well as the elite/master World Cup with a tournament in South Africa or Europe, but this seems really complicated to organize. Heine Engelbrecht nevertheless hopes that the World Cup can take place in 2023.


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1 Comment

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