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FFESSM – D4 : Toulouse, the phoenix !

Published on 12 June 2022

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On 11 and 12 June, the French Division 4 championship took place in Hyères. A mixed championship which brings together 2nd and 3rd teams from a lot of clubs. Several of them performed well, but it was an old friend of the D1 that won.

Eighth club in France in the 2018-2019 D1 rankings, Toulouse have suffered from the difficulties associated with the health crisis and had to give up their place among the hockey elite. They had to restart at the lowest national level : the D4.

A new beginning for this historic French club which turned out perfectly with the championship title without conceding a goal during the whole competition, wins by minimum two goals in each game. The crushing 3-0 victory in the final against Jacques Bréchaire and Thomas de Trébons’ Hyères 2, completed the CHOKS‘ undisputed domination over the weekend. The rebirth of Toulouse begins !

Rennes and its team 3 came close to a third podium in three national competitions, but the Bretons lost to Pessac 2 in the small final.

Final ranking of the French D4 championship :

1- Toulouse

2- Hyères 2

3- Pessac 2

4- Rennes 3

5- Diderot XII 2

6- Pontivy

7- Bischeim

8- Compiègne

9- Pontoise 3

10- Marseille 2

11- Strasbourg

12- Lyon 2

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