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French Open League – The Final : The live programme with commentary

Published on 22 april 2022

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From 9:25 am and live from the Intercommunal Aquatic Center Christiane and Guy Canzano of Sarcelles, find the UWH News team on Youtube to make you live the most beautiful matches of this first day of the final of the French Open League in Sarcelles.

9h30CMoirans F / Le Chesnay
9h49ASouthsea / Franconville
10h08CRendinantes / U24 F
10h27ADinan / Fontenay
10h46BClermont / La Rochelle
11h05BÉlite F / Morlaix
11h24CLe Chesnay / U24
11h43BClamart / Neuilly M
12h02BÉlite F / Clermont
12h21AFontenay / Southsea
12h40APessac / Franconville
12h59BÉlite F / Neuilly M
13h18AMoirans M / Dinan
13h37BClamart / Clermont
13h56CNeuilly F / U24 F
14h15AMoirans / Southsea
14h34BClamart / Morlaix
14h53BÉlite F / La Rochelle
15h12CHope / U24 F
15h31Challenge 1V1
16h01AMoirans M / Fontenay
16h20BClamart / La Rochelle
16h39CDinan M / Southsea
16h58BClermont / Morlaix

All other matches in pools A, B and C will be available via three different channels on YouTube and the matches commented by our journalists and consultants on our main channel.

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1 Comment

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