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Orca first but Barcelona crowned in the Spanish championship !

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Last weekend, the Logroño pool hosted the Spanish championship. The competition took place on Saturday, with Sunday reserved for mixed matches. Ten teams competed for the title, a title that was not synonymous with first place..

The Belgian team Orca did not make the trip to the Spanish championship for nothing. The players from Bilzen remained undefeated throughout the day’s competition and finished in first place. The Belgians conceded only two goals, three less than ISB‘s first team, the Barcelona club. This means that the Intrépids Seitons Barcelonés are the Spanish champions, with Orca not counting in the national ranking. CMadrid H.S and the Miramadrid team, two of the three teams from the capital involved in the competition, finished 2nd and 3rd in the national championship.

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1 Comment

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