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Pacific Coast Championship : Interview with Casey Nakamura, tournament director

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The PCC’s took place on October 16th and 17th in Costa Mesa, California. The tournament director, Casey Nakamura answered our questions about the competition.

How was this edition of the Pacific Coast Championship ?

This PCC was very different from the others. There hasn’t been one for two years so there was a lot of excitement. There was also  apprehension because we haven’t had a tournament since Battle Altitude 2020.

I had the crazy idea with my club to organize this year PPC’s. I was able to gather a great team around me. We were able to organize this event that exceeded all our expectations and make it a fun tournament. This year we were lucky to have good weather. There were also fewer restrictions due to COVID. I have had very good feedback on the competition. Everyone was very excited to play again.

This tournament was also the first official tournament for my Orange County club. It was an opportunity for me to play with my hometown team. It was special because it was also the first time we had our club gear.

Was it difficult to organize this tournament ?

I used my experience as a player to organize this competition. It took a lot of work. We had to change the pool because the club where we wanted to do the tournament was not available that weekend. So I had to find an alternative which was the college pool. For a while I was wondering if I should cancel or if we should do it and then the college came to us and provided the pool.

They had never rented it, they had just finished building it during COVID last year. No outside groups used it. I don’t know how but I managed to convince them that we could do it. Finally, they got behind me and supported me and then it all came together.

How were the Pacific Coast Championship created ?

San Francisco began hosting tournaments in the 1970s. As clubs were formed, PCC’s began to be held in different locations but always on the West Coast of the United States.

When I was young, my club in San Diego held the tournament several times. It was the first competition I ever participated in. I have also competed in tournaments in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

What is the format of this competition ?

The Pacific Coast Championship is a two-division tournament. There is an open division and a mixed division. In the open division, many clubs are present but there are no real rules, players can play with other teams. Many American internationals participate in the competition, both Elite and Masters, which raises the level of the tournament. In the mixed division, it is necessary to have two women playing all the time to avoid differences in level. In total, there was five teams in the open and eight teams in the mixed division this year.


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