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Review J-1 : French Open League 2021 – Le Puy-en-Velay

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End of this first day of the tournament in Le Puy ! You noticed it, there was a live, the firewall of the pool did not censored us this year ! Our team of journalists was present at the edge of the pools and saw beautiful things !

In the pool A, Fontenay assumed its status of titleholder and finished first of its group in front of Dinan and Moirans. For the group B, the More-Sport Team has finished without defeat or any goal conceded. It was more difficult for some teams, especially for Le Puy, although at home, which finished last. The French women’s Elite team performed well, not conceding any goals before their last two games.

As for the Pool C, it was the scene of a nice duel between the team of La 8ème and Le Chesnay, which finished first of its pool (following the downgrading of the 8th) and which conceded only one defeat.

Now that the playoff table is known, we can’t wait to bring you the second day of competition, tomorrow in live, which promises to be of high level !

Here are the overall standings from the first day and the playoff tables for the next day :

Pool A :

1. Fontenay
2. Dinan
3. Moirans M
4. Diderot M
5. Franconville
6. Saintes
7. Pessac

Pool B :

1. More-Sport
2. Clermont
3. France Elite F
4. Neuilly
5. La Rochelle M
6. Lyonsots
7. Occitan Warriors
8. Le Puy

Pool C :

1. Le Chesnay
2. Moirans F
3. La Rochelle F
4. U24 F
5. Diderot F
6. Johnny B.G
7. MontpeLionnes


If you want to relive the games of the day, it is possible by watching our live 

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1 Comment

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