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Week-end news #4

Published on 23rd March 2023

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From Colombia to the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic, this weekend many championships and tournaments took place around the world.

The Nacional Interclubes Elite in Colombia :

From Saturday 18 to Monday 20 March, in Medellín, many teams competed in the Nacional Interclubes de Hockey Subacuático Elite for men and women. In the men’s competition, Pirañas won the final against Aletas A (3-1). In the third place, the Cardumen A team won the match against Galapagos (3-0).

Credit : Pirañas / FEDECAS

In the women’s competition, Cardumen A are now champions after their victory in the final against Pirañas (4-1). The Galapagos A girls are in third place after beating the Titans (3-1).

Credit : Club Cardumen / FEDECAS

The BOA National Championship Qualifiers 2023, the Plate and the BOA Bowl:

In the United Kingdom, in Leeds, on 18 and 19 March, some competitions were played with the BOA National Championship Qualifiers 2023, the qualifiers for the Plate finals and the BOA Bowl. Eight teams qualified for the Nationals.

Credit : Website Gbuwh

The eight participants for the Plate are already known. The last four teams from Pool H are relegated and will play against the first four teams from Pool I :

Credit : Website Gbuwh

In the BOA Bowl, St Albans won the competition with no defeats.

Credit : Website Gbuwh

České Budéjovice wins this round :

On the Czech Republic side, the first round of the league took place this Saturday in Prachatice. The clubs of the country met and the team of České Budéjovice A won the mix division in front of Narwhals mix A and Pilsen Squids mix A. The players also took the opportunity to organise a training camp for Czech players.

Credit : Kateřina Hnilicová

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1 Comment

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