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4 weeks ago
🚨 Loïc Horvais and Olivier Flandrin WON'T be the coaches of the French U24M team, source tells UWH News 🚨
3 months ago
Selon nos informations, la manche 1 de D1 des championnats de France vient d'être validée le 13 et 14 novembre. Elle aura lieu à la piscine de Sarcelles !
4 months ago
Heeeey 😁 Friends are talking about more-sport League 🙂
5 months ago
Every underwater hockey clubs in the world are HERE ! 🌍 #UWH #UnderwaterHockey
7 months ago
Would you like to test your skills on UWH's history ? 🧠

Here's the place to be 👇