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Steven Kars : one of the pioneers of underwater hockey on social networks

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The underwater hockey world is made of passionate people. Some of them are so involved that they create pages on social networks to bring hockey players together. One of the most famous is the Facebook page UnderWaterHockey. But, do you know who is behind this page ?

Steven Kars, it’s more than 30 years of hockey. Whether in his native Canada or in the United States, he has played in hundreds of pools. He was also a high level referee until the COVID got involved and he decided to retire. Founder of CanAm Underwater Hockey Gear in 1993, he took advantage of the Facebook boom and created a page for his company in 2009. Passionate about the sport, he set up another page with his friends that he named UnderWaterHockey.The platform we used before that vanished. That was before Facebook went mainstream. We joined Facebook right around the time the platform was promoting pages in the type of stuff we do.’ What followed was a monumental growth to becoming one of the most liked pages in the entire hockey sphere with almost 4000 subscribers. His goal ? Create excitement and generate love around hockey by sharing photos, videos, events, or funny things about the sport. Steven has made interaction a priority. ‘I try to get subscribers to interact as much as possible by asking questions and sharing as much as possible.’  And that includes creating challenges. 

A collection of almost 300 underwater hockey shirts ! 

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When the article was written, the #10dayuwhchallenge had just ended. The goal : post a t-shirt about underwater hockey and identify his friends to do the same. ‘T-shirts in underwater hockey are the most common thing. Everyone who goes to tournaments in any country has a t-shirt that is included in the registration or they can buy it.’  You can be sure he knows a lot about it because he owns more than 300 underwater hockey T-shirts ! His mother even created two quilts for him with the designs of 150 of his T-shirts! Enough to cover two beds. ‘My oldest one is from 1981 (…) it’s kind of an archaeological shirt.

As you can see, Steven is a passionate person. For the past 12 years, he has been supporting underwater hockey through the investment he puts into the management of his page. One of the pioneers in the development of underwater hockey on social networks, and that forces respect.

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1 Comment

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