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Turkey 2022 : Next chapter of international underwater hockey ?

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On March 27, 2021, the representatives of the different national federations of CMAS had a meeting to talk about the situation of underwtaer hockey due to the COVID-19. As we feared, the Underwater Hockey World Cup will not be held in 2021.

A difficult situation, but the members of the meeting have proposed a new plan, to allow international competitions to exist in 2022. The CMAS will now study the possibility of organizing a B-level competition for all ages in Turkey next year. The ages World Cup would be held in 2024, inTurkey.

The year of 2023 would become the next deadline for the Elite and Master World Cup and, if possible, would be held in Australia.

To conclude the session, the members of the meeting agreed to meet in July 2021. The different representatives will have to affirm their will to participate in the 2022 event in Turkey, which would be a category B tournament.

Finally, the CMAS hopes that the different nations will be able to present a plan of the teams that would be likely to play in 2022.


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1 Comment

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