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World Cup can’t wait !

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‘Members of the meeting were unable to find a date for the next World Cup due to uncertainties over vaccination programs for COVID-19.’ This sentence is the first conclusion of the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission meeting (March 27, 2021).

No certainty, NONE ! And that’s the problem : certainties are lacking. CMAS announces the possibility of a World Cup in 2023, in Australia, but with what certainties ? On April 13, 2021, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt hinted that international borders may not reopen, even if the entire population of Australia is vaccinated. Indeed, Australia’s policy since the start of the epidemic has been to retreat to its territory to avoid any COVID-19 epidemic (it works pretty well.). So why wait two years ? Why not look for a solution B to allow the World Cup to be held in 2022 ? Should we not ask ourselves the question of giving the possibility to another country to take the organization of this World Cup? Are we really going to wait 5 years, because it is impossible to find a country other than Australia ?

Of course, the last World Cup took place in the northern hemisphere and from an economic point of view, for the New Zealand and Australia team, having to go far will have a heavy economic weight… However, don’t exceptional periods deserve exceptional measures ? A tournament in a country where you just have to show up with a negative PCR test, is it impossible to find by 2022? When we see that more and more countries are shifting gears for vaccination, it’s hard to imagine that in 2022 things will not have improved significantly. Moreover in 2022, it will potentially be possible to organize a type B event in Turkey, but why only type B ? Out of fear that some nations might not be able to participate in the event ? Finally, let’s be serious, if Turkey is able to host a Type B tournament, why wouldn’t they be able to host, at least, the Youth World Cup in 2022?

This is another subject, but imagine that the next Youth World Cup will be in 2024, I repeat, in 2024 !!! Imagine the number of players who will not even have the opportunity to participate in the magnificent adventure that is the young world ? Are you aware that generations of players will have no international experience before entering elite selections ? The question is why ? Why sacrifice ALL nations, when the restrictions will be made on a case-by-case basis ? Difficult to answer this question, so difficult to understand this rush in the announcement of decisions.

Let’s put regionalisms aside, all egos aside and think about our youth, because it is the future of our sport and do not neglect the elites and masters, because they are and have made our sport !


1 Comment

1 Comment

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