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Underwater Rugby in better conditions than Underwater Hockey

Underwater rugby ok! Underwater hockey… Well, actually, no.. It’s been a year underwater hockey is into a coma in France, a few months of return will have allowed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and since November, it is total darkness. We can’t see anything, we don’t understand anything, all we know is that underwater hockey is not about to come back soon around the world. Even if we are jealous (yes, yes it’s assumed) of those countries where the puck is at the bottom of the pool and the hockey players are in apnea, we still have a hard time projecting any date for the return of hockey in France…

It’s crazy, we dream about it as if it was our first time as teenagers and we tell ourselves that it will never happen, because it’s impossible to project ourselves…
We rage, when we see that the 11th European Championship of Underwater Rugby is scheduled for June 2021 in Norway …
Euro Hockey, can we talk about it? No announcement, no cancellation, that means we can potentially organize an Euro nop? Knock Knock Knock the CMAS Europe, is there anyone?!!
Anyway, we’re going in all directions, we’re rambling, but we’re asking ourselves the question anyway…

Underwater rugby is more powerful than hockey really? Are the constraints more complicated for rugby than for hockey? Honestly it’s not an exciting question, but before this period would YOU have imagined, for one second, that your only concern of the month was to know if you were going to run out of toilet paper?

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