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Bretagne Pays de Loire (BPL)

With difficulty, Nantes retains its BPL title !

Published on 7th Febrary 2023

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The men’s regional championship of Bretagne – Pays de la Loire took place at the Aquatis in Fougères on 4 and 5 February 2023. Ten teams competed for the title, but also for spots in the national divisions.

Not without effort, Nantes stays champion ! In this championship, as usual without teams from group A of D1 (Rennes and Dinan), the third Breton club (11th) in the general ranking did what it had to do. The Big Ducks won despite several absences, including Victorien Delbaere, selected by the French team coaches Olivier Flandrin and Nicolas Legeay to play the Elite training camp in Laval. They beat Morlaix, the fourth Breton team of D1 (15th), in the final 2-0. The Taureau moved up one place from last year and will play the D1 Round 2 in La Rochelle on 11-12 March 2023.

The surprising Brest team finished in third place. Fourth of D3 two months ago in Berck-sur-mer, the Ty-zefs continue to improve with a nice victory against Rennes 2, vice-champion of D2 last year. Penalties got the better of RSSM in this small final. They will still be competing in Toulon for the D2 championship in June 2023.

In the rest of the ranking, it was a battle for the privilege of reaching a French championship. Dinan 2 and Saint-Brieuc won their ticket for the D3 while the young Combourg team will represent the BPL in D4.

The ranking :

  1. Nantes (D1R2)
  2. Morlaix (D1R2)
  3. Brest (D2)
  4. Rennes 2 (D2)
  5. Dinan 2 (D3)
  6. Saint Brieuc (D3)
  7. Combourg (D4)
  8. Rennes 3
  9. Pontivy 
  10. Nantes 2

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1 Comment

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