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Anna Arzhanova, CMAS President : “You cannot have one competition every two years”

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Recently re-elected President of the CMAS for the next four years, Anna Arzhanova tells us about her projects. Building on her previous mandate, she projects herself on the development of the different sports of the confederation. Digitalization, exposure of the practice, naming or projection on the next competitions, Anna Arzhanova and the CMAS are looking to the future.

It is official since October 30th : Anna Arzhanova remains at the head of the CMAS. In this new mandate, the priority is to continue to do what has been done for four years now by wanting to digitalise the licences. This system would allow to put forward a number of CMAS athletes as explained by its president, Anna Arzhanova : “We are running project, we try working on. One is the registration ranking and system to manage competitions and athlete and the systeme is running. I think is middle of the way.”

In addition to digitalisation, CMAS wishes to continue to develop thanks to freediving, the development of underwater hockey seems to become one of the areas of development of the international body : “I believe that the development of underwater hockey has to be with continuous events, like cup for clubs, like Leagues , without this it’s impossible to promote sport. You can’t have just one competition every two years…”

The increase of the number of competitions could be solved with the help of its different partners, on whom CMAS counts to offer a new visibility to hockey : “This is why, if we find the solution with our partener they will organize the competitions, the club events and the CMAS athletes will participate there so they can have several games per month and many games per year” stated Anna Arzhanova, before adding :For me, one on the most important thing for underwater hockey and underwater rugby is to develop their continuous event.”

Green light for Turkey

Promoting hockey is one of the challenges of the next few years. A strategy seems to be emerging from the CMAS side. The will is to find sponsors thanks to its digitisation process, especially in hockey. According to the president : “Between CMAS and underwater hockey, there are no different but common interests. We all want to promote the sport, involve more people and have more spectators.” To develop hockey several solutions are possible, such as sponsoring or naming : We are totally open and flexible. What will be interesting for the sponsor, for the spectators, for the athletes, for the players is the same interest of CMAS., she said, without forgetting to specify that this idea is not on the agenda :The main idea is to start team events.”

Despite this, the director is optimistic about organising an event in Australia in 2023 as well as the one planned for Turkey in July 2022 : “Peoples wants play, compete and i should the next year it will be possible to organised event.” However, nothing is settled, but it is hoped that Anna Arzhanova and the CMAS will react if everything does not go as planned.


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