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Madrid’s supremacy in the Spanish championship

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Published on 22 November 2022

The Spanish championship was held on 19-20 November in Elche. Seven teams competed for the title, which was left vacant by the Belgian team Orca.

Without the winners of the previous edition, ISB Barcelona had a chance to win the competition. However, the rivalry with the Spanish capital was again on display. The Murlocks’ club beat both Barcelona teams in the men’s category. In the women’s division, Madrid also won ahead of Sevilla and Barcelona.

The rankings

Men’s :

1- Murlocks
2- ISB A
3- ISB 1
4- Miramadrid
5- Anxovetas
6- C.D.H.S. Sevilla
7- Unión Madtriton CMHS

Women’s :

1- Madrid

2- Sevilla

3- Barcelona

1 Comment

1 Comment

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